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Work related learning is a vital element of today’s school curriculum. We work with entrepreneurs, business owners and employers to identify the business benefits of working with young people.


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Why should you consider working with us?

Preparing young people for the future is one of the most important responsibilities that schools and college leaders have. Research has shown that Employer and Business Engagement is vital to achieving that goal. With 15 years of experience, we will help you to get the maximum benefit for your business, whether that’s Talent Identification, Recruitment, Staff Training or Community Outreach. We also ensure that you will have enjoyable and rewarding encounters.

Mock Interviews

Students report >95% positive feedback for Mock Interview Days


Enjoyable and engaging activities. Access to a highly skilled and motivated volunteer network

Employer Engagement

Experienced Facilitators and access to a highly skilled and motivated volunteer network.

Why Schools Work With Us?

We help school and college leaders deliver a stable careers programme that provides young people with real world and up to date information and link the academic curriculum to careers by providing encounters with representatives from all aspects of the world of work. In so doing, we help Careers Leaders meet the Gatsby Benchmarks and other statutory requirements.

An Extensive Network

Our large network of volunteers is drawn from a wide range of industries, careers and business sectors. You will meet like-minded people and have the opportunity to expand both your professional and personal networks.

Our goal is to give Young People the best chance of having successful, meaningful and productive careers.  You can HELP!

What guarantees are there?

We been supporting schools and students since 2009 and, thanks to the quality of our network, we are delighted to report that student satisfaction is consistently high. We provide all training and information that you need.

When can you work with us?

Your gift of time and expertise means that you control when will work with us but many volunteers support 2 or 3 events per year. We are conscious of your business and personal commitments .

Essex Work Skills Services

Enterprise Skills

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Learning how to assess and take appropriate risks & building know-how and trust are just two of the attributes that young people will develop by working with Essex Work Skills.
Our enterprise education activities require creativity, strategic thinking, the ability to problem-solve and to manage time and resources – all crucial qualities that will be required whether your young people end up running their own business or being employed by someone else.


Being enterprising is characterised by exhibiting skills such as individuality, creativity, and leadership. These key skills are increasingly demanded by both academic and non-academic employers and research organisations.

Being “enterprising” is not the same as having an ambition to be self-employed and our enterprise education events will help young people demonstrate a range of enterprise qualities that will make them more employable across the world of work.

  • Make decisions
  • Work in a team environment
  • Be creative and innovative
  • Solve problems
  • Manage time and resources
  • Communicate effectively

Enterprise and a ‘Can do’ Attitude

Learning how to be enterprising and how to take appropriate risks are just two of the qualities that young people will develop by working with Essex Work Skills. Being innovative and having a positive mindset are character traits truly valued by employers and we will help develop these in your young people.

Creative And Problem Solving Activities

Our half and full-day enterprise activities provide ample opportunity for young people to be creative and look at providing to solutions to real world business problems and challenges.

Chances To Build And Work In Teams

Learning how to work with others is a key personal skill and Essex Work Skills activities will introduce this vital ability to young people. Our events are usually competitive in nature to encourage participants to try their best and to work closely together.

Time Management

Essex Work Skills enterprise days are full-on and excellent time management is absolutely essential. Young people are introduced to this concept in a supportive and collaborative way but they quickly learn that time is money!

Interview Skills

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Interview Skills

We are passionate about helping young people learn about the best way to perform before and during an interview. Our programmes will help young people to learn about the importance of creating that great first impression, work out how to answer those difficult questions and gain the confidence to perform well out in the ‘real world’.

  • Receive support and guidance on the application and interview process
  • Participate in a full 30 minute interview with business leaders and local employers
  • Receive supportive verbal and written feedback for their progress files
  • Have the opportunity to consider and discuss their future career pathways
  • Receive independent advice and guidance
  • Have the opportunity to provide a written evaluation of their interview experience

Key features

You can be assured that the event will be planned with the needs of your students or young people in mind.
We will recruit interviewers who are experienced, experts in their field and enthusiastic and we will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to provide feedback so that we learn from, every Mock Interview Day that we organise.

Recruitment Of Interviewers

Essex Work Skills work closely with business and employer contacts to supply experienced and motivated interviewers for your event. We recruit interviewers from a wide variety of backgrounds and career sectors to provide young people with information from across the World of Work.

Verbal And Written Feedback

We provide opportunities for everyone involved in our events to have their say. This ensures that we continue to improve the Mock Interview experience for young people, schools and our business partners.

Employability Skills

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Employability Skills

Essex Work Skills range of high quality work-related learning activities, events and workshops will equip young people with the skills that ‘employers want’. Our unique range of half or full day events will help identify and develop vital transferable skills such as team working, negotiation and organisation – and enthusiasm!

A recent British Chambers of Commerce survey of 3,000 firms found nine out of 10 thought school leavers were not ready for employment and more than 50% said young people did not have even basic skills such as communication. EWS provides a range of comprehensive and proven programmes that will help make young people more employable. Our events introduce students to the skills, attitudes and qualities that are demanded in today’s workplace.

  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team working and leadership skills
  • Planning and organisation skills
  • Time management skills
  • Financial and commercial awareness

What Employers Ask For

Our range of high quality activities, events and workshops will equip young people with the skills that ‘employers want’. Please follow the links below to discover how we make young people more employable.

CV And Personal Statement Advice And Guidance

Through a variety of group and individual presentations and workshops, Essex Work Skills provide high quality information and guidance to support writing CVs and Personal Statements.

Personal Brand Workshops

Creating a great first impression is absolutely vital in today’s competitive world and Essex Work Skills’ expertise will provide young people with the information they need to succeed at this crucial stage of the recruitment process.

Development Of Transferable Skills

Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Resilience– all vital aspects of today’s jobs market. Essex Work Skills provide a wide range of activities and events that will help develop these key ‘soft’ skills to young people. A ‘Can-Do’ approach is essential and our exciting activities will help expand horizons.

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Presenting in public can be a really daunting experience so the opportunity to practice how to present effectively in a familiar, supportive environment is very valuable to young people. Many of our events conclude with a short presentation which will help young people to develop a variety of skills.

  • Learn how to engage an audience
  • Speaking and listening opportunities
  • Pitch business ideas to local business owners and experts
  • Increase confidence when preforming in public
  • Learn how to control nerves
  • Learn from expert public speakers

Helping Young People to Communicate effectively

Communicating effectively is an essential skill in today’s business environment. Essex Work Skills activities will help young people develop their presentation skills in real world environments to real people! Follow the links below to see how we can support your students.

Opportunities To Present Ideas To Key Business Personnel

Essex Work Skills will arrange for business experts to come and listen to young people present their ideas in both formal and informal ways.

Use Of IT Applications

Our activities provide opportunities for young people to develop their presentation skills when working with commonly used applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.

Public Speaking

Essex Work Skills present inspirational and motivational talks on a variety of topics. Our network also gives us access to speakers from a wide range of industries and career sectors.

The day was well planned, interviewers were professional, feedback was informative and constructive. There was a 100% positive feedback response from the students enabling them to get valuable experience before their Work Experience in April.

Christopher DobsonThe New Rickstones Academy

The whole process runs smoothly from start to finish ensuring school input at every stage. This ensured both Year 11 and Year 12 events were tailored to our exact specifications. Our mock interview days have proven to be a very positive experience!

Heather McCulloughMoulsham High School

Our school held 3 Enterprise Days for Years 9, 10 and 12. The Year 12 day was totally bespoke for us. I found Essex Work Skills efficient, knowledgeable, accommodating and enthusiastic. All 3 days were a great success which both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed.

Emma McClellandColchester CHS For Girls

All students came away with increased understanding of verbally and non-verbal communication, how to prepare and how to represent their skills and abilities to employers. We feel that our students are much better prepared for their first real interview and have a much better chance of success.

Neal WilcoxThe Helena Romanes School

Essex Work Skills for several years run our Interview Skills programme with great success the service is high quality, professional and value for money. Our students find it a valuable and worthwhile experience whether planning continued education, apprenticeships or employment.

Phil CassHead of careers, The Billericay School

More questions?

Essex Work Skills are an education business partnership established in 2009

Our main activities:

  • Brokerage
  • Consultancy
  • In school events and activities

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    The commitment is yours to decide, we need support through our network (being introduced to professionals) or we need professionals to run mock interviews and simple attend our school events.

    How do I pay?

    Once we have agreed a date for your activity or event, we will ask you for a deposit (33%) of the agreed charge, Payment of the deposit secures date in our diary and is non-refundable. 

    The balance of the amount due will be payable upon successful delivery of the activity and event.  You will receive a collated student feedback report for every event.

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    • Schools, colleges and other youth related organisations
    • Businesses with an interest in education, community outreach and talent identification

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