The Vital Role School Leaders play in Preparing Young People for Work

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The extent to which schools used their curriculum to prepare pupils for the world of work was largely dependent on whether school leaders considered it to be a priority………….

This was the first and key message of a report released by Ofsted in December 2016 following inspections of 40 schools that focused on how they provided their students with work related learning and enterprise education. As we enter public examination season for 2017, the underlying theme of this report seems more relevant than ever and reflects what we see and, as importantly, what we feel.

Simply put, our experience which has been garnered and gathered over more than two decades, is that school leaders who are determined to provide their young people with meaningful encounters with employers, introduce them to up to date business concepts and give them the opportunities to see what the world of work looks and feels like, are also likely to be working in some of the best performing schools academically.


The report demonstrates that Ofsted is looking at Careers and Enterprise provision more closely. Essex Work Skills, and companies like us, provide capacity, resources, ideas, time and contacts to school leaders who are committed to this important area of the curriculum.

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