Mock Interviews – the perfect way to work with employers.

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“We have worked with Mark and Anne on several projects, including our Preparing for Interview programme. Their commitment, professionalism and organisation meant that all 280 of our year 11 students received a high quality interview with a skilled and experienced business interviewer, an experience their feedback confirms they found extremely valuable. I have rebooked for next year and look forward to continuing to work with Essex Work Skills.”


This was feedback we received from a senior member of school staff who we have worked with for many years. The school in question has consistently received outstanding grades from Ofsted for its Work Related Learning and Careers Education provision and it has also has been awarded ROQA accreditation. As an organisation, Essex Work Skills is absolutely convinced that young people truly benefit from preparing for, and participating in, a Mock Interview. In fact, I believe it should be a statutory entitlement for all students as they prepare for their future. A well organised Mock Interview event will be adapted to suit the needs and objectives of the partner school or college and EBPs (Education Business Partnerships) provide education partners with access to a large network of business owners and employers that help schools to support their students progress into further and higher education &/or into the world of work. We hope that the benefits to the pupils are self-evident. The opportunity to spend, say, half an hour practicing interview technique with an experienced, enthusiastic expert is one to be embraced – not avoided. There are, however, also significant benefits to the interviewers. Our business volunteers consistently report how rewarding they find the experience of meeting hard working and aspirational young people and they take this message back to their local communities. Local employers and employees who have contributed to Mock Interview events also can become advocates for schools and colleges and the students who attend them. Many business owners are more willing to recruit locally if they have met and been impressed by a cross section of young people from their local schools. Mock Interviews can support employee training, contribute to CPD, help with Community Outreach programmes, meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals and provide great opportunities to network with likeminded organisations and are, therefore, all real benefits to businesses. The recently formed Careers and Enterprise Company has identified Mock Interviews as a perfect example of a successful employer encounter for schools and colleges. Working with a well-connected EBP can make this encounter virtually stress free and rewarding for all.

Mark Sexton Essex Work Skills

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  • Congratulations on your programme Mark and well done on that great testimonial. This is such a valuable service. More schools and businesses should definitely get involved.

  • Terrific program, Mark, and I agree 100%. One of the things I offer clients who anticipate a tough interview is practice sessions. They are low risk and allow the candidate plenty of “do-overs” should they stumble. I also love the fact that you involve the local business community in these mock interviews. Truly a great benefit to everyone involved. Well done!

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