Love working with that demanding customer!!

By 4th February 2016 One Comment

TwitterI’ve been at my desk most of today working on a new project. For some of that time, building and creating content for our brand new, never before delivered, ‘Digital Marketing Day’ has come easily. However there has also been quite a bit of head scratching and slow, or even no, progress. When you’re under pressure to be both creative and quick, you might get frustrated and start to blame, or criticise, the client who has asked you to come up with a unique solution to a difficult or particular problem. In this case, however, I don’t have any feelings like that as I think of this particular customer as an encouraging business partner and trusting friend. G (our customer) is always looking at ways of making the ‘Enterprise Day’ experience more relevant and useful for his students. He understands that his students are highly motivated, high achieving and always up for the next challenge. In 2014, G wanted to provide his students with an activity which gave them a greater understanding of how financial markets operated and to give them a sense of what it meant to ‘take (financial) risk’. Instead of looking for an off-the-shelf, ready made product, G trusted us to create, design and facilitate a Commodities Trading experience for his Year 9 pupils which we called ‘Boom or Bust’. Fortunately, it worked well and, with one or two minor refinements, we will be delivering that event for the third time this summer. This year, G told us that he wanted to change the focus of the school’s year 10 ‘Enterprise Day’. It’s 2016 and G wants the students to gain a better understanding of the importance of digital marketing and how crucial having an online presence in the domestic and global economy is.

Digital Marketing isn’t an area of expertise for us. However, as an education-business partnership, it IS our business to know experts from across a wide range of industries and to help bring that knowledge into the classroom. We are currently liaising with, and learning from, friends in the Digital Marketing world and with their help, really looking forward to presenting our new DM workshop later this year. G is a pretty demanding customer – but also one of our favourites as he takes us into areas that we probably have not considered and this helps us to learn new skills, keeps up to date and encourages us to develop new products. Repeat business is great – but repeat and new business is BETTER!!! We love our demanding and trusting customer!!

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  • Mark Mailer says:

    Great stuff, I know the feeling about trying to be creative and quick… Often it feels like an age for the muse to strike!

    But it’s nice to be pushed, find new limits and push yourself. One of the things I find with programming, that is both a pain and a joy, is the rate of change… It means that you have to keep moving, which can be frustrating when you have work to be done, but then awesome when something new makes that work 10 times easier!

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