Essex Work Skills is Three

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It is our pleasure to write to you as we celebrate the third anniversary of Essex Work Skills.

Essex Work Skills was created in 2014 with a simple, yet vital, objective – to help schools and colleges to ‘Prepare their Young People for Work’.

We work with students from across the whole ability range to raise awareness about possible career and employment options and to develop the skills that employers tell us that they need. We help secondary schools and colleges meet statutory Careers guidance and can provide access to independent and external advice including LMI (Labour Market Information) and research.

Essex Work Skills designs and delivers Work-related Learning and Enterprise Education activities that are fun and creative and we aim to meet the specific needs of the schools and students that we work with. Our unique ‘Boom and Bust’ event is described in the Colchester County High School case study (see tab above) and explains just one way how we have achieved this.



To support our overarching objective of ‘Preparing Young People for Work’, Essex Work Skills has built a vibrant and enthusiastic network of employers and members of the local business community who want to inspire, guide and inform your students. Our Mock Interview days are a perfect way of showcasing our employer engagement and brokerage services and we invite you to look at the Castle View School case study by way of illustration.

We hope that you find the information contained on our website useful and look forward to working with you and your students in the near future.

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