Close the Company and Build a Movement

By 31st March 2016 2 Comments

Close the company and build a movement instead!! That rather drastic and dramatic notion was one suggestion that emerged from a recent discussion I had with my business coach (I have his details if anyone needs them but this blog isn’t meant to be an advertorial!). The inspiration for our ‘eureka’ moment came from a great TED talk delivered by Derek Sivers and the video which was subsequently uploaded to YouTube – it would be useful to watch it before you carry on reading….

As Derek points out, the real ‘star’ in the show is the first follower who helped to validate the seemingly crazy guy. Our company’s role is to keep moving and maintain enough energy to help inspire employers, business owners, politicians and teachers guide the work-force of the future. Who’s in? Who wants to join us?

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  • What an amazing video. The work you’re doing with the young people of Essex is simply stupendous Mark. It’s tough starting out into the world of employment. We need to prepare the next generation for what’s to come so they can reach their potential. As for your movement – I’m in!

  • The lone nut…terrific! Love the idea of the first follower, too. Thanks for sharing this short video. I’ll be your second nut, Mark; you’re doing a great service and I just wished more people understood the value you provide. Keep dancing, my friend!

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