Preparing Young People for Work

Colchester County High School For Girls

Essex Work Skills respond to the needs of our schools and colleges and can create totally bespoke and unique activities that meet the needs of your students.

In 2013, Colchester County High School for Girls asked EWS to create an interactive enterprise education event for their Year 9 students that would develop each girl’s ability to learn how to make (investment) decisions whilst working in a team environment and under time pressure.

Emblem Main Objectives were:

  • To give students the opportunity to learn how fi nancial markets operate
  • To highlight how women can succeed in the world of commodity trading
  • To give students the opportunity to make ‘real world’ trading decisions based on information and judgement
  • To help develop numeracy skills
  • To develop team working and communication skills

Students Receieved:

  • Introduction to Financial and Commodity Markets from market expert
  • Information and instructions on How To Trade Commodities
  • Chance to play the EWS Boom and Bust Commodity Trading Game
  • Prizes for the Best Individual Traders and Team
  • Opportunity to evaluate and provide feedback
  • A totally facilitated activity

Students Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness about career opportunities that exist in Financial Markets
  • Opportunity to work in a competitive team environment
  • Opportunity to use Numeracy skills in a real world situation
  • Development of Enterprise and Communication skills
  • 3 hours of FUN!!

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