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One of the really (really!) enjoyable parts of our business is building networks of like-minded people. In our case, the major connecting factor is the desire of everyone who works with us, or alongside us,  to help young people be as prepared as possible for their future career and life in the world of work.

At EWS, we have a brilliant, talented and committed group of individuals, companies and other volunteers that support our student – facing ,and student- influencing, activities.  Due to our experience in the field of education-business brokerage, we’ve recently been invited to help create and build a local network that just could become part of the biggest and most influential one of its type in the country …the Enterprise Advisor network (EAn) created by the Careers and Enterprise Company.

The Careers and Enterprise Company  (C&EC) was set up just over 15 months ago to “inspire and prepare young people for the world of work”…. a mission statement that almost exactly mirrored our own and one that was, therefore, very easy to ‘buy’ into. The C&EC is an umbrella, facilitating organisation that was created by the DfE with allotted funding of some £20m which has quickly, and in dynamic fashion, established itself as a key support and guidance vehicle.

The hub at the centre of the Enterprise Advisor network wheel is a group of some 60 Enterprise Coordinators spread around the country (and who are each responsible to the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) who are funding this programme) whose job it is to encourage, inspire and support volunteers from the business community to engage at a STRATEGIC level with senior leaders in schools and colleges. “To do what?” I hear you ask …the answer is to improve, where necessary, or indeed create from scratch, whole school careers and enterprise strategies that can meet the needs of all students, especially in those ‘cold spot’ areas where employer engagement has been poor and/or where high quality careers advice has been missing.

The opportunities that this network will provide to the business community are enormous – primarily it will support young people but it is also as a fantastic way to develop staff both professionally and personally.

If working in a strategic way for the benefit of young people is an exciting prospect, it won’t be difficult to find your local Enterprise Coordinator. At EWS, we’re working specifically for the benefit of schools, colleges and students in Southend but we’re also working closely with colleagues across Essex – if you’d like to explore the EAn anywhere in the country, please call me on the number below or contact us at


07951 698363



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  • This new network sounds very exciting Mark. One that is very much in line with what you’ve already been creating. I know with you behind, it will be an extraordinary success.

  • Wow! How exciting, Mark! I love what you’re doing, preparing young people for work in a way that benefits them and their (future) employers. There’s just not enough of that in the world today. Thanks for stepping up!

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